150,000 protest in London for Health, Homes, Jobs & Education – 16th Apr 2016

150,000 march in London for Health, Homes, Jobs & Education

Kaya stands in front of protesters with his painting “David Cameron – Crashing the UK Economy”

16th Apr 2016: An estimated 150,000 anti-austerity activists travelled the length and breadth of the country to march through Central London and protest against government austerity policies which are having serious impacts on public health, housing, employment, wages and education.

Organised by The People’s Assembly, the “March for Health, Homes, Jobs & Education” protesters (who used the Twitter hashtag #4Demands) represented junior doctors, nurses, NHS workers, teachers, students, firefighters, trade unionists, disability rights and welfare rights campaigners, local government employees and a wide cross section of aggrieved citizens who claim that they are being unjustly impoverished by an uncaring Conservative government which is purposefully dismantling public services and handing them to private capital to fund tax relief for the wealthiest.

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An extra post-Panama Papers data leak flavour prevailed at the protest with many people carrying “Dodgy Dave” placards – a reference to Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent painfully drawn-out admission over four days that he has personally benefitted from the use of offshore tax havens set up by his late father.

You can enjoy lots of photos in the articles linked HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

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