Kaya joins national protest to ‘Stop Turkey’s War On The Kurds’ – London 06.03.2016

National protest to “Stop Turkey’s War On The Kurds” - London 06.03.2016

Political painter Kaya Mar displays his new artwork “Massacre of the Kurds” as thousands of UK-based Kurds and their supporters marched through Central London to demand that the Turkish government ceases its brutal military attacks on Kurdish people in Northern Kurdistan, Syria and Iraq.

March 6th 2016: Following recent Turkish military attacks on the districts of Cizre, Sur and Silopi in Northern Kurdistan, 10,000 UK-based Kurds and their supporters marched through Central London and rallied in Trafalgar Square to demand that the Turkish government ceases its lethal attacks on indigenous Kurdish people in Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

To express his personal outrage at the continuing brutality of Turkish President Erdoğan’s military forces towards this significant section of the Turkish population, Kaya Mar joined the protesters as they gathered outside BBC Broadcasting House in Portland Place to unveil his dramatic, allegorical painting, “Massacre of the Kurds” – a bleak, hellish scene portraying Turkish Army tanks rolling across a blood-drenched plain strewn with the broken, bloodied corpses of Kurdish women, men and children. On either side stretching to the horizon, huge flames engulf what could be the ruined timber frames of buildings, or they could also be crucifixes or a forest of trees.

Massacre of the Kurds [Kaya Mar] 3000px ed

“Massacre of the Kurds” by Kaya Mar : oil on canvas, 102 x 76 cms

The protesters also accuse Turkey of abusing its NATO membership by covertly supporting Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists and their jihadist allies, giving them safe passage across Turkish borders into Syria, providing wounded ISIS fighters with medical facilities and supplying them with armaments and training.


It is now also known that Turkey has been buying billions of dollars worth of oil stolen by ISIS from oil fields in Northern Syria and Iraq, and in so doing have directly provided ISIS with the financial life-blood it needs to run operations in Syria, Iraq (and now Libya, thanks to the US State Department’s craving to destroy Muamar Gadaffi for having the sheer impertinence to defy Washington and disengage from trading oil in petrodollars – an unforgivable crime against the American Empire). American and Norwegian investigators have accused Bilal Erdoğan, son of the Turkish President, of using his maritime company to transport the stolen oil from Turkish ports at Mersin, Dortyol and Ceyhan where it travels directly to Israel from where it is bureaucratically laundered to avoid United Nations sanctions against trading smuggled oil, and is then sold across Europe.

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A little background: Turkey’s 14.7 million ethnic Kurds represent 18% of Turkey’s population, whose struggle for autonomy or a separate Kurdish state started over 200 years ago with the imposition of the Ottoman Empire which robbed the Kurds of their ancestral territories and which heralded frequent violent suppression of Kurds. The Kurdish struggle re-emerged in 1923 with the geopolitical creation of what we know as modern Turkish Republic following the Turkish War of Independence, and escalated in 1978 with the formation of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK), which still remains the leading resistance force against the Turkish State, despite having been declared a terrorist organisation by the United Nations in a piece of monumentally shabby political kow-towing to Turkish demands, in exchange for allowing US and NATO military bases and airfields to be established in Turkey as strategic staging posts to assist the USA in its goal of turning the entire Middle East into a pile of glowing ashes.

It will be, after all, much easier for American corporations to begin again with a blank (if not highly irradiated) canvas…


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