28th Nov 2015: Kaya joins the “Don’t Bomb Syria” protest

Thousands protest at Downing Street against planned airstrikes in Syria

Kaya Mar brings three paintings to the “Don’t Bomb Syria” anti-war protest at Downing Street.

As the entire country becomes deafened by the relentless drumbeat of David Cameron’s craving to commit the British military to a protracted aerial bombing campaign in Syria, around 4,000 anti-war activists descended on Whitehall to protest against the myopic mind-set that dropping more bombs on a terrified population already living in Hell under the barbaric self-styled Islamic State is going to magically improve their lives.

Members of Parliament have clearly refused to learn the bitter lessons from the futility of British military engagement in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and, despite the tide of humanity pouring out of the entire region as desperate people flee their war-torn countries literally by the million into Europe where they are trying to claim sanctuary, David Cameron and undoubtedly a large number of MPs from across all parties – following a disgracefully short 10 hour debate in Parliament tomorrow – look likely to give Cameron the legal fig leaf he so desperately desires so he can strut like an imperial peacock around the halls of the United nations and NATO.

This is against a backdrop of howls of disapproval from many in his own party, the SNP and the more intelligent parts of the Parliamentary Labour Party, who have been joined by a procession of very senior UK and American generals and chiefs of staff who are all saying that this is a sheer folly, yet Cameron keeps his fingers jammed into both ears so he can’t hear the cacophany of alarm.

Kaya brought along three highly pertinent paintings from his collection: A smug-looking Tony Blair wearing only an American flag round his waist stands in a pool of blood, making the ‘V’ sign at the public. A blood-drenched, blind-folded Saudi Prince’s robes fall open to reveal that he is just a midget standing on top of an oil barrel, which in turn sits atop a large pile of bloodied human skulls, and in the third painting “Holland and Cameron – Sons of the Desert”, Francois Hollande wears a Napoleonic hat  and gallops theatrically across the desert sands, sitting astride his obedient horse, David Cameron.

Thousands protest at Downing Street against planned airstrikes in Syria

The Cabinet Office rises above thousands of peace activists who are demanding that the British government does not launch an air-strike campaign in Syria.


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