15th Oct 2015: Kaya visits the SNP Party Conference in Aberdeen

The weather was beautiful, the train ride was incredibly long (especially when the chap sitting opposite took his shoes and socks off), but the journey was worth every second! Kaya arrived in sunny Aberdeen on the morning of October 15th (armed only with two fully-loaded canvases) and made his way to the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre and staked his position outside, catching the appreciative, good-humoured eye of incredibly friendly locals and conference delegates coming and going throughout the opening day of the Scottish National Party (SNP) annual conference.


As usual, various press photographers took a fancy to Kaya’s large oil-on-canvas paintings, portraying SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and former leader Alex Salmond.


The Telegraph even joined in, reproducing several Tweets made on the day from a newly-converted Kaya Mar admirer:

So all in all a great day out for Kaya (including some divine fish and chips!

UPDATE! The Scottish Sun kindly came up with this extra article…






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