28th Nov 2015: Kaya joins the “Don’t Bomb Syria” protest

Thousands protest at Downing Street against planned airstrikes in Syria

Kaya Mar brings three paintings to the “Don’t Bomb Syria” anti-war protest at Downing Street.

As the entire country becomes deafened by the relentless drumbeat of David Cameron’s craving to commit the British military to a protracted aerial bombing campaign in Syria, around 4,000 anti-war activists descended on Whitehall to protest against the myopic mind-set that dropping more bombs on a terrified population already living in Hell under the barbaric self-styled Islamic State is going to magically improve their lives.

Members of Parliament have clearly refused to learn the bitter lessons from the futility of British military engagement in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and, despite the tide of humanity pouring out of the entire region as desperate people flee their war-torn countries literally by the million into Europe where they are trying to claim sanctuary, David Cameron and undoubtedly a large number of MPs from across all parties – following a disgracefully short 10 hour debate in Parliament tomorrow – look likely to give Cameron the legal fig leaf he so desperately desires so he can strut like an imperial peacock around the halls of the United nations and NATO.

This is against a backdrop of howls of disapproval from many in his own party, the SNP and the more intelligent parts of the Parliamentary Labour Party, who have been joined by a procession of very senior UK and American generals and chiefs of staff who are all saying that this is a sheer folly, yet Cameron keeps his fingers jammed into both ears so he can’t hear the cacophany of alarm.

Kaya brought along three highly pertinent paintings from his collection: A smug-looking Tony Blair wearing only an American flag round his waist stands in a pool of blood, making the ‘V’ sign at the public. A blood-drenched, blind-folded Saudi Prince’s robes fall open to reveal that he is just a midget standing on top of an oil barrel, which in turn sits atop a large pile of bloodied human skulls, and in the third painting “Holland and Cameron – Sons of the Desert”, Francois Hollande wears a Napoleonic hat  and gallops theatrically across the desert sands, sitting astride his obedient horse, David Cameron.

Thousands protest at Downing Street against planned airstrikes in Syria

The Cabinet Office rises above thousands of peace activists who are demanding that the British government does not launch an air-strike campaign in Syria.


25th Nov 2015: Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

The day finally arrived when Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced his much-anticipated Autumn Budget to the House of Commons. The pundits had been wondering through acres of column-inches how he was going to deal with the huge set-back he had suffered following the House of Lords’ rejection of his plans to savagely cut Family Tax credits, forcing Osborne to make a humiliating climb-down.

Kaya had produced a masterpiece for the occasion, titled “The Birth of Gideon”, after Michelangelo’s famous “Birth of Adam”, but portraying the lame-duck Chancellor lounging nonchalantly beside his red Budget Box which contains an axe and a Tax Credits policy paper, reaching out to his idol Margaret Thatcher, who floats on a black cloud, clutching a small tombstone engraved with the epitaph “Poll tax”. For weeks people had been suggesting that cutting Tax Credits for the poorest working families would be Osborne’s cathartic Poll Tax event, wrecking his prospects of taking over from Cameron when he is finally crow-barred out of number 10 to spend more time with his money.

Kaya Mar's "The Birth of Gideon" Margaret Thatcher and her failed Poll Tax policy giving the spark of life to George Osborne and his failed Tax Credit policy.

“The birth of Gideon” – 76 x 102cms, oil on canvas

In the end Osborne, the shady tactician, announced that he had “listened carefully to people’s concerns” and that he was scrapping Tax Credit cuts all together, and that he’d also just found £25bn down the back of his sofa because he’s such a brilliant Chancellor so that would pay for it.

The wandering herds of ecstatic Tory back benchers roared and bellowed with approval and delight at all this fantastic validation of all their cruel austerity policies; the sun was going to shine forever on the Conservative Party and the right-wing press had difficulty keeping it in their trousers.

But… after all the crowing and preening had died down and more serious analysts began to unpick Osborne’s statement, it became obvious that once again Osborne had delivered another hand-cart of smoke and mirrors: Tax credits would be completely phased out in two years time anyway because the dreaded, fault-ridden Universal Credit scheme would take over and the working poor would be properly punished then, rather than now, and that mysterious £25bn windfall was only a theoretical tax receipt projection based on a lot of wishful thinking, presuming a growing economy when in fact the economy seems to be slowing down again and our trade deficit is the worst it’s been in many years. All is not quite as rosy as it seems, and now it looks like we’re going to have to pay for another eye-wateringly expensive war in the Middle East, the Tories have agreed to renew Trident for a crippling £176bn, and the emaciated, starved NHS may not make it through the Winter…

20th Oct 2015: Prelude to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

The political air was buzzing with excitement, and smelled distinctly of bitter acrimony following the House of Lords’ infamous rejection of Chancellor George Osborne’s planned cuts to Family Tax Credits which had been announced ahead of the 2015 Autumn Budget. Osborne, Cameron et al were fuming at the humiliation, and took to the airwaves to mutter darkly about revenge on the Lords, but nevertheless, George Osborne was sent back to his dank lair at the Treasury to re-think the whole lets-cripple-the-low-paid-peasants idea, as it became crystal clear to the entire nation (and a very vocal cohort of rebellious Tory back-benchers) that there was a stark disconnect between the incessant Tory sloganeering about “Hard Working Families” and “Making Hard Work Pay”, and the reality which was that a couple of million poorly-paid “Strivers” were about to be punished painfully by the very party who had weeks earlier tried to claim that they represented the working man.

The Barclay brothers dutifully rode to Osborne’s rescue ahead of the budget with a glowing piece praising Osborne and claiming that despite the fact that he had just been prevented from causing severe hardship to millions of the “Working Poor”, in fact the general public was still very keen to stick the boot into the disabled, the sick and the unemployed.

To illustrate the article the Telegraph revived a photo of Kaya Mar with his 2015 Summer Budget painting of George Osborne, which was jolly decent of them:

OSBORNE 20.10.2015 www_telegraph_co_uk_news_politics_georgeosborne_11942192_Actually-voters-like-welfare-cuts-much-more-than-politicians-and-journalists-thinkClick HERE to read original article

15th Oct 2015: Kaya visits the SNP Party Conference in Aberdeen

The weather was beautiful, the train ride was incredibly long (especially when the chap sitting opposite took his shoes and socks off), but the journey was worth every second! Kaya arrived in sunny Aberdeen on the morning of October 15th (armed only with two fully-loaded canvases) and made his way to the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre and staked his position outside, catching the appreciative, good-humoured eye of incredibly friendly locals and conference delegates coming and going throughout the opening day of the Scottish National Party (SNP) annual conference.


As usual, various press photographers took a fancy to Kaya’s large oil-on-canvas paintings, portraying SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and former leader Alex Salmond.


The Telegraph even joined in, reproducing several Tweets made on the day from a newly-converted Kaya Mar admirer:

So all in all a great day out for Kaya (including some divine fish and chips!

UPDATE! The Scottish Sun kindly came up with this extra article…